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What is power flushing in Bristol?

Are you looking for power flushing in Bristol? You may be aware that some central heating systems may have black water in them. This black water is known in the trade as sludge.

Sludge is a term professionals use for corrosive water in your central heating system. This material causes your system to become inefficient and cause breakdowns and water leaks and is especially apparent in modern condensing boiler systems, although older appliances can also be greatly affected by sludge. Sludge can inflict severe damage to the components inside the boiler and is the cause of many of the repairs we carry out.

Expert care

Matt Robbins Plumbing and Gas Services have all the equipment necessary to carry out cleansing to your central heating system and boiler through flushing and power flushing in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area. Flushing can be carried out in two ways. The first is a standard process using chemical treatments and the second is power flushing using a specialised machine.

Where possible we always recommend power flushing in Bristol, especially when we install a new boiler, as it is more efficient and reliable than standard chemical flushing.

Power Flushing Bristol

Power Flushing Bristol Power Flushing Bristol Power Flushing Bristol