Central Heating Bristol

If you’re Looking to replace an old inefficient radiator or have a complete new central heating system installed, we can help.

Matt Robbins Central Heating Services

We can install any size central heating system as well as provide professional guidance on the optimal requirements need for warming target areas, for example, size and type of radiators required.

Our products, your style

We can install all types of radiators, ranging from the traditional type column radiators to modern vertical type radiators, including the installation of branded panel radiators which have a 10 year manufacturers’ guarantee. As part of our plumbing packages we can install pipework as required and use the correct size piping to ensure your central heating works effectively throughout, even on larger systems.

Often, existing systems can become dated and inefficient. Matt Robbins Plumbing and Gas Services can upgrade your radiators and central heating controls to modern fuel saving equipment including thermostatic radiator valves, allowing you to have more control over the heating which in return will save on your energy bills. As qualified electrical contractors we also have the skills and experience to carry out all the necessary wiring to any heating controls.

Efficient Central Heating Bristol

Matt Robbins also carry out zoning of central heating systems. It allows different parts of the property to be heated individually, allowing even greater control over your heating bills. Zoning can be added to an existing heating system and is particularly useful where you may have a particular floor which requires heating at different times and / or temperature to another.

Alongside this powerful efficiency option is under-floor heating, which can be installed from new or added to an existing central heating system. Under-floor heating can be installed in existing houses in several different locations – under concrete slabs, or suspended under wooden floors and in ceiling spaces. It can be seen as an investment as it is expensive to install but as the water in the system doesn’t have to be heated to the same high temperatures as with a radiator installation, running costs to heat your rooms are far lower.

For further details on central heating in Bristol and our central heating systems and services, please get in touch.